Campus Awareness Day Sheds Light on FSCJ Offerings

Photo Courtesy of FSCJ Student Life & Leadership South Campus.
Photo Courtesy of FSCJ Student Life & Leadership South Campus.

Courtesy of: Guest Writer

On Tuesday, Sep. 30, student leaders and staff came together in front of the South Campus café, showcasing active clubs for Campus Awareness Day. Each display proved informational and entertaining. The event shed light on many opportunities and interesting ways to enhance one’s collegiate experience at the college.

The Art Guild offers a place to create carvings, paintings, art on tee-shirts and for participation in workshops. Meetings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.The Bio Medical Pre Professional Society is applicable for those interested in the medical field, including dental, veterinarian, or physical therapy professions. Opportunities include – but are not limited to – networking with other students, faculty, professionals in the field, volunteer experience and workshops.

Other representatives from various clubs and classes such as The Anthropology-Sociology club, The Education Club, Dance Works, and Martial Arts and Defense class where present at the event. Volunteer fairs take place once in the fall and once in the spring to showcase all of the agencies available for students to join. “It’s easy to get involved on site, and off site volunteering,” said Meagan Dickson, Student Learning Specialist of Student Life & Leadership.

Campus Awareness Day is intended to let students at FSCJ know, “You Belong Here!” Events take place every week, on campus level, college level and state level. If you need information or wish to get involved visit U-208.

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