TurboVote Provides Students With an Opportunity to Vote

Voting, an American right and responsibility, is now more accessible than ever to U.S. citizens. By simply requesting a ballot, voters have the ability to vote in the comfort of their own home. A private company is now making it even easier.

TurboVote has recently partnered with FSCJ and is offering its service for free to all students (a savings of $5 per year). TurboVote is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to making voting as simple as possible. Once registered with the service, TurboVote will automatically send an absentee ballot for all available elections to one’s home district, along with preaddressed, stamped envelopes. All that is required of the voter is to fill in the bubbles and drop it in the mail.

Many people enjoy the process of voting at a polling station, and receiving the all-important ‘I Voted!’ sticker. TurboVote also caters to individuals that are in need of updating their registration.

TuboVote’s extensive privacy policy clearly states that neither TurboVote nor their partners will sell any personal information. TurboVote only shares information on a ‘need to know’ basis with the parties that make the service possible; the government, printers, mailers, etc. That is not to say that voters will not be inundated with political advertisements in the mail once one becomes an active voter. Simply put, TurboVote and their affiliates will not be the ones spreading your information.

The United States ranks 138th in the world for voter turnout. TurboVote is making it incredibly easy for college students to help improve that statistic. Whether you are registering for the first time or you’re looking for a more efficient way to make sure your voice is heard, TurboVote makes the process absolutely painless. The registration deadline for the upcoming November elections is Oct. 6.
To find out more about TurboVote, see the links below.

FSCJ TurboVote

TurboVote Twitter

TurboVote Facebook

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