Have You Thanked Your Tutor Lately?

By: Guest Writer

Everyday, student tutors in the Library & Learning Commons clock in, don their lanyard nametags, and wield their pens or markers with the purpose of sharing their resources and knowledge with students.
Endeavoring to commemorate their employment, for the first time, South Campus LLC staff organized three events during National Tutoring Week to evince their appreciation and raise awareness of their service to the college.
Heralding in the week, a QR code allowed students to engage in the campus LLC facilities, learn about the various labs, Writing, Computer, Foreign Language, Science, Math or the Library. Riddles guided students back to the Writing Lab where a small award awaited their successful completion of the quest.

On Tuesday, the LLC invited students to partake in “Breakfast with the Tutors” where free donuts and drinks were provided. The event allowed students to socialize and become familiar with the tutors. It was reported that between 30 to 50 people attended, a considerable number given the event’s experimental nature.

The last event was cleverly named “Mad About Jane” by the staff of the Writing Lab. Student tutor Adina Micula, Web Editor for the Campus Voice, volunteered to provide her Jane Austen-Themed Mad Libs game for the event. Micula and her sister, Laura, prepared a British Trifile to complement the game. The LLC girls gathered to play the game, inviting students to join in.

The Editor & Chief of the Campus Voice, Jessica Geraci, also made an appearance to support the Writing Lab Student Tutors

The efforts of the Library & Learning Commons not only celebrated it’s tutors throughout the week, but also raised a better understanding of the services tutors provide for the college.

The LLC encourages students not only to utilize its services, but also to engage in communication with passionate like-minded individuals that share their knowledge and skill. The tutors, an invaluable resource, supplement class material and instruction. Additionally, tutors provide one-on-one, relational interaction that can transform an individual’s collegiate experience.

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