Timeless Performance Enlightens Audience

IMG_5669Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Choirs captivated audience members with their performance of “Timeless” on Oct. 16. This year’s theme was personified with the image of a broken hourglass–symbolizing eternity and the infinite–and the rendition of classics pertaining to the span of the ages.

Choir members were chosen from the Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorus and the Chorale Concert. FSCJ’s Choirs demand an intense level of commitment. Students rehearse diligently from the first day of the semester up until the recital for 5 days a week. Additionally, choir students must adhere to a full schedule of academic and musical studies. This year boasts a significant increase in choir members thanks to local exposure.

Weeks of dedicated practice resulted in a thought-provoking performance. From Shakespeare’s sonnets to Romantic era poetry, the range of musical pieces guided listeners through a beautiful execution of the literary-inspired selections. Dr. Timothy Workman, Director of Choral Studies, says the pieces are meant to inspire deep thinking. “We are asking more from our audience this time–these songs are deep,” Workman explains.

Listeners were left enraptured by the opening piece, adapted from John Clare’s “Song’s Eternity,” which affirmed the overall theme of the night’s performances: “Sing creations music on! / Nature’s glee is in every mood and tone. / Eternity. / Nature’s universal tongue singeth here. / Songs I’ve heard and felt and seen / Everywhere.”

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