Fall Festival Descends on South Campus

On Oct. 21, FSCJ’s Student Government Association (SGA) broke through the monotony of mid-semester course fatigue with their annual Fall Festival at South Campus between 11 a.m. — 1 p.m. outside the U-building cafeteria.

Members of the SGA were present to host seasonally inspired activities and oversee the progress of the festival, which attracted a steady stream of participants from the adjacent walkway. “A lot of students are coming up and participating,” said SGA President Maile Maturell. Many of the events were subtly tied to FSCJ’s current emphasis on health and wellness–both mental and physical.

Some students in attendance had no intention of coming to the Fall Festival when they arrived on campus for the day, but were drawn into the autumnal fray by way of welcoming music and the promise of a prize. “I just wandered upon it,” said Kaitlin Stokes, student. Events like the mummy relay race, and the time-honored “guess the weight of the pumpkin” booth provided a sense of tradition, while the selfie-zone afforded opportunities for creative photography and festive headwear.

Raffle tickets were awarded to people who completed events, and prizes for the costume contest, relay race and pumpkin weight challenge provided participants with a tangible way to get in the Halloween spirit.

A stage was set up among the chairs and tables just outside of the cafeteria. Here, Javier Mendoza, singer, highlighted the event with a powerful performance. People gathered around the platform with friends to enjoy some complimentary pizza, and discuss the day ahead of them.

Weeks of diligent preparation clearly paid off. By the festival’s close, well over 100 students had turned out to enjoy the SGA’s latest offering to the FSCJ community. “Usually, the SGA has a volunteer chairperson in charge of the Fall Festival. This year Abby [Waldhauer] and Camila [Prieto] Co-Chaired the event,” explained Kristy Synnott, SGA Advisor and Event Coordinator.

At 1 p.m. the sun reached its zenith–and the weather grew unseasonably hot. Clusters of satisfied students slowly drifted down the main walkway, away from the harvest festivities and toward their various classes, as the curtain fell on another successful Fall Festival.

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