Use Your MAP to Find Collegiate Treasure

First-year freshman’s email in-boxes have filled up with a notice regarding MAP (make a plan) for Success. This year, many are part of FSCJ’s first cohort of students that make up an expansion of the college’s Quality Enhancement Plan.

A team of First Year Advocates (FYA), consisting of faculty members, serve as academic mentors that assist first-year freshman’s navigation through the first 12 credit hours and the completion of math and English credits.

Coordinators of Academic Planning (CAP) offer workshops that assist freshman to create an academic plan that will suit students’ needs, schedules and academic goals while attending FSCJ.  The workshops also help students create a Roadmap to carry them through their time at FSCJ or onto another university.

“Roadmaps are newly available for the A.S. programs.  Roadmaps, consisting of two documents, the Roadmap and Course Sequence list, outline the program managers’ suggestions for completing an A.S. degree in the most efficient manner.  The Roadmap shows term by term course suggestions for full-time students while the Course Sequence side shows the courses in recommended order but with no time schedule implied; perfect for part-time students,” said Keith Seagle, Director of Quality Enhancement.

According to the college, enhanced advising sessions with an academic advisor provides a time to share your dreams and goals with someone who can help guide you through your first year and set you up for success. Students have multiple opportunities to excel on campus through clubs, establishing working relationships with teachers and taking advantage of on-campus events.

FYAs, CAPs and academic advisors work collaboratively to create a Roadmap that help freshman navigate towards graduation. The Roadmap helps students score internships, balance schedules and prepare for a bachelor program here at FSCJ. Tutoring and Early Alert Enhancements are designed to help freshman assess when they are in need of assistance and help guide them to appropriate resources.

The pilot program will provide opportunities to share feedback with the college. FSCJ hopes to extend this program to all incoming freshman and will use the feedback received to mold the program in the future.

Please contact your campus Coordinator of Academic Planning:

Campus Coordinator Location Email
South Justine Martin STH-U105
Kent & Cecil Center Megan Shields B0102Y
North & Nassau Center Vanessa  Reid NTH-E148
Downtown Vanessa  Reid DNT-A1097
Open Campus / Deerwood Center Merrill Landgrebe DWC-C2318

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