Kent Campus Hosts Nida Bangash’s “I Am A Tree” Art Exhibition

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On Oct. 28, Kent Campus hosted Nida Bangash’s “I Am A Tree” art exhibit and meet and greet. Bangash, Iranian born and Pakastani raised, has a true passion for the arts–which she shows through techniques of Persian and South Asian miniatures incorporated into contemporary art. Bangash’s ability to condense a large amount of detail into a small space kept visitors pondering during the event.

Light refreshments were served as students and faculty poured over Bangash’s beautiful, miniaturized art pieces and listened to her describe her style and process. “They’re mainly miniature painting techniques and miniature painting is a South Asian and Persian traditional art form. The techniques can be called traditional, but I have obviously found means to make it live today,” said Bangash.

The art exhibit was inspired by “I Am a Tree,” an excerpt from Orhan Pamuk’s novel “My Name Is Red.”  “That is what the show is based on, it talks about the drawing of a tree that wants to know which story it belongs to,” said Bangash.

Bangash’s cultural experiences, combined with her accomplished artwork, illustrates a great command of her medium. Using the language of pattern, Bangash translates the roots of civilization and the worlds of one’s existence into miniature paintings. “Most of the imagery comes from the roots in a direct or indirect way…the work represents where I’m from,” said Bangash.

Bangash also makes efforts to incorporate her personal life experiences into her art in order to find relatability for her audience. “I’ve tried to be as diverse, and as human as possible. I try to use the iconography that everybody can relate to. Like a tree, a house, that’s something that you can see anywhere and everywhere, in a physical form, or a metaphysical form. I want to talk about the basic human visuals that anybody can relate to,” said Bangash. “I Am a Tree” will be on exhibit until November 18.



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