Students’ Exhibit Kicks off the Holiday Season

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FSCJ’s annual Student Holiday Exhibit premiered Nov. 21, and allowed painters, drawers, sculptors and potters to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Visitors pondered the distinctiveness of each piece, and observed all the efforts of the artists.

“Family Reunion,” a ceramic on wood consisting of bronze heads of fish, greeted spectators as they entered the South Gallery of the Wilson Center. “I live in Jacksonville and we are close to the beach, that was my inspiration for the fish,” said Sue Mazur, a Hand Building II student.

From ceramics to drawings, each piece represented a student’s perspective. One particular piece, “Political Pee Kettle,” brought controversial fascination. “The ‘O’ represents President Obama’s penis, while the smoke stacks illustrate the government’s dirtiness, and the flowers show how the government tries to make everything pretty on the outside,” said Michelle Pack, a Hand Building student.

Cindy Taylor, also a Hand Building student, designed a classic piece–Venus. “The Venus of Willendorf was inspired by the earth goddess,” said Taylor.

As students’ works sold left and right, one could not help but smile as the artists promoted their talent. The Student Holiday Exhibit will be on display in the South Gallery of the Wilson Center until Dec. 9. All are encouraged to come and witness the artistic aptitude that FSCJ has to offer.

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