When Recycling Goes to the Trash, the Myth Debunked

FullSizeRenderRumors concerning the lack of a recycling program at South Campus have been greatly exaggerated, and after significant research FSCJ does recycle appropriately.

According to Catherine Horn, South Campus Director of Administrative Services, South Campus recycles paper and cardboard which is placed in dumpsters in the maintenance yard. Unfortunately, recyclables do not always make their way to the designated location. “Many people place food and other items in the recycle bins that cannot be placed in the dumpster to be sent to the proper place,” said Horn.

The misplacement of items leads to tedious sorting of garbage prior to recycling pickup. Previously, student ambassadors took on the task of sorting. However, this presented a health concern and detracted from their campus duties.

To prevent this wasteful inefficiency, students should be more conscientious about what they put into the recycle bins. South Campus also needs to do its part and ensure that bins are properly labeled. The desire to attain a “green” environment appears favorable on South Campus. “I used to recycle on South Campus, but I began bringing my own reusable water bottle,” said Kathy Wolfe, a student.

Students interested in furthering a recycling movement at South Campus should consider beginning a “Green” Club to advance the recycling initiative by contacting Horn.

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