Liberty Voices and the Humdingers Enlighten FSCJ Choir Members

FSCJ’s choir joined forces with the Liberty Voices and the Humdingers show on Feb. 7 at South Campus’ Wilson Center. The choir learned what it takes to become professional performers, and also sang for Liberty Voices Director and lead for the Humdingers, Tony Derosa.

“This is the first time we did this kind of event. We are talking about doing it again in the future and finding more ways to involve maybe some of the local high schools, and some of the other area musical ensembles…so that we can get more exposure,” said Dr. Workman, Choral Director of FSCJ.

FSCJ’s small ensembles–including the barbershop quartet “Flying by Paint”– worked together with the experienced Humdingers to improve their onstage personalities, practice their technique and aid in the interpretation of small ensemble music. “This was quite a learning experience for us as well. Seeing how a college choir acts gives a different perspective,” said one singer from Liberty Voices.

The experience allowed FSCJ choir students such as Haley Pflug to get a new perspective on performing music. “They helped us reawaken the meaning in our songs,” said Pflug. Many students felt enlightened from listening to the individual stories given by different members of Liberty Voices. “People have a lot of preconceived notions that everything will come easier to you, but you have to work just as hard if not harder and it is possible to get there,” said Pflug.

The FSCJ choir will be preforming the month of Feb. For more information visit