The Capital Steps: Political Satire at its Best

The Capitol Steps Theater Troupe put on a performance of political satire at The Wilson Center For the Arts on Tuesday, Feb. 10 that rivals some of the best satire comedy today. Audience members found themselves laughing at skits about Ebola, the Apple Watch, Obamacare, and the Middle East. “The Capitol Steps” makes for dynamic dinner conversation.

The Capitol Steps Theater Troupe has been performing since 1981, and began during a holiday party on Capitol Hill. They make fun of politicians and do so by means of rewriting popular songs. The troupe appeared on stage in various guises, singing their satire as Edward Snowden, Vladimir Putin, Pope Francis, Chris Christie and many others. The songs included the show tune “Secret Agent Man,” rendered “Secret Service Man” and “Putin on a Blitz,” which is a parody of Irving Berlin’s “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” as well as “London Bridge Is Shutting Down” and “Brat’s in the Cradle.”

The troupe travels to various venues across the country, and can be hired to perform at parties. The show has been on the move for over thirty years, deriving its content from recent headlines. “You really have to be up on the news or some things can go over your head, but it was a really great show,” said Melissa Hillier, audience member.

From Jacksonville, the troupe moves on to Washington, D.C.–where many of the performers previously worked–and will stay there until Feb. 21.

“This is my first time catching the show. I will be sure to catch the show when it comes to town for now on,” said Steve Gates, attendee. “I think I need a new belt.”

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