FSCJ Choral Department Presents Showcase

On Feb. 20, the FSCJ Choral Department performed their “Showcase” concert in front of a rapt audience at the South Campus Wilson Center for the Arts. Each chorus presented songs of different styles, offering a broad performance to attendees in search of entertainment on a Friday night.

From the Women’s Chorus’s rhythmic “Chili Con Carne” and the Men’s Chorus’s lyrical “I Will Go Sailing No More,” to the Chorale’s performance of the popular melodic Eric Whitacre song “Sleep,” the selections were an overall treat for the audience.

The unique demands of “Showcase” ensured that the concert would be more than just a routine performance for the choir. “It was definitely a challenge,” said Olivia Miller . “There were several pieces where we wanted to do a pop voice, but we had to stick to our classical setting–yet still incorporating that energy. I think ‘Showcase’ really showed off how much we do. we don’t just stick to one style and we’ll definitely appeal to a lot of people because everyone has their preferences,” said Miller.

When singing in a choir, students must maintain a balanced posture and tone in order produce the best sound. Popular music is often sung on the higher end of the tone, or the breathy side of the tone. Alternatively, a more operadic tone can be presented where the tone is more focused to provide a deeper and darker sound. Singing songs that are more “pop” or operadic can be hard for a choral musician because music that wasn’t necessarily made for a classical choir often tries to exert the qualities it was made for.

In an effort to recruit for the upcoming semester, the FSCJ Choral Department is actively advertising. “I am sure that people will enjoy this concert and perhaps we will even interest people in auditioning for next year,” said Choral Director Dr. Timothy Workman.

The Choral Department provides students with an environment that is conducive to fun. “I think the chorus here is a great thing because you make friends. It sounds pretty cliche, but it’s just one big family. It really does feel like everyone is welcome,” said Miller.

For those interested in trying out for the FSCJ Choir, talent grant auditions will occur on April 30  from 3 p.m. – 7  p.m. in Building N, Room 101 at South Campus. Auditions for fall 2015 and spring 2016 can provide full-time talent grants, and cover full tuition and books. Dr. Workman is available to schedule auditions and answer questions concerning audition details.

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