Spectrum of Success Makes Strides at South Campus

Spectrum of Success (S.O.S) is a new club at FSCJ. S.O.S focuses on autistic students and provides a comfortable environment where they can relax, receive assistance with school–such as tutoring–and even sit down and tell their stories. The club also seeks to raise awareness and break down the stigmas that many autistic students around the country face.

The issues many autistic people encounter keep them from seeking help. “Research studies show that 1/3 of people with autism don’t even go to disabilities services to get the accommodations that they need–just based on that stigma that autism means you’re invaluable [sic]; that’s really not the case,” said president of S.O.S Sara Childers.

Childers recounted stories of hardship that are far too common for people that are diagnosed with autism. Whether at work, school, home or anywhere that is public, many autistic people are bullied based on the stigma that they are inferior to the average person. Childers and other members of S.O.S have fought hard to overcome this stigma and prove that people with autism can be just as good as everyone else.

The club is based at South Campus, but they are reaching out to as many people as they can. “Everyone is welcome, even if you’re from another campus, you know someone who is autistic or you just want to be a part of the club,” said Childers. Currently S.O.S aims to connect with each campus and spread awareness throughout all of FSCJ.

Spectrum of Success meets every second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 3:30 p.m. in U135A, South Campus. If you are a student who has autism, a student who wants to help raise awareness or a student who is just looking to be a part of something great, you can email Childers or visit the S.O.S facebook.