Progression for Parents: An Inside Look at What FSCJ Offers for Families

At FSCJ, all walks of life are catered to in order to provide an umbrella of security for the students. An essential key to success is a support system that allows students to relax in the knowledge that they are not alone. Every campus provides an extensive list of scholarships, clubs and advisors that aid in the advancement of each individual’s college career. Accommodations are made for the disabled, safe places are available for those of varying sexual preference and clubs are created for everything from religious orientation to interior design.

That being said, one vital part of the student body also happens to be the foundation for the younger minds of today: parents. They are the support system for future generations, and one might raise the question as to how the college is assisting them on their journey down the road of academic enlightenment. What is available for the ambitious caregivers, who are dedicating their time to higher education in order to give their children promising futures? As it stands, the college does have some resources available for those students that are intended to help them flourish.

One such resource is Chappell Child Development Center located on campus. It is no secret that juggling work, personal life, class and little ones can be increasingly stressful. With such busy schedules, it is ideal for parents to be able to simplify their commutes throughout the day for optimal time management.  Chappell is a wonderfully convenient option for those seeking a quality facility that is literally within walking distance to class.  Day care is offered on every campus and the only requirement for enrollment is that the child be at least one year old and walking. Undoubtedly, one of the main concerns for parents today is the financial aspect of paying for classes. To the same effect, there is also the strain of accumulating the cost of putting the child in day care. Tuition for one dependent can reach up to $145.00 per week for full-time. Certainly this is not within the budget for most people making minimum wage and attending college. But there is hope. If a student is going to school full-time and falls within the appropriate bracket of income, they may be eligible for a childcare grant that permits the college to pay for sixty percent of the approved rate offered at the facility, leaving the parent responsible for forty percent. There are half-time and part-time grants available as well, each offering various rates where applicable. Students may acquire the scholarship application in the Welcome Center through a meeting with an academic advisor. What a relief this could be for so many striving to reach their dreams and do so affordably!

Although there are over sixty clubs on campus, there does not seem to be one that reaches out to parents at this point. Perhaps the organization of a parent’s group is something to be considered in regards to the future of the college. Such a support system may prove invaluable for the well-being of future students, providing a network that could last a lifetime. Students can form their own club by visiting the Student Life and Leadership office on campus and picking up a Starter Kit. Who knows? It could be the birth of something beautiful.