VIDEO PART 2: FSCJ Student Brings Fashion to Jax

Leyan Cargi’s April 25 fashion show is fast approaching. At just 18, Cargi has set out to reinvigorate the Jacksonville fashion scene, and inspire who he sees as the most important force for change in existence–the youth. “The youth are the most important people on the planet, because we’re here today, but they’ll be here tomorrow,” he said. Cargi’s LC Fashion Show will capitalize on the wave of activity following April’s One Spark festival as the resurgence of creative energy in the core of the city gathers momentum.

In the past year, Cargi has surrounded himself with diverse talent–affectionately dubbed “The LC Team”–from fields like photography and videography. “The LC Team” has been active in the community, highlighting the downtown area for many of their video productions.

Cargi voices a bold vision for himself, and the future of Jacksonville. He believes that we’re on the verge of a cultural explosion that will reshape the city–and he wants to be a part of it.

I sat down with Cargi to discuss his journey so far, and reveal what he has in store for the River City.

First Installment:

Second Installment:

Author’s note: Due to technical complications, this video has been edited and posted outside the realm of The Campus Voice. It should not be seen as an endorsement or promotion of Leyan Cargi Productions.

Photo by Marc Foster

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