An Artistic Rendition of Life and Love in this Year’s 18th Annual Spring Dance Concert

Interpretive dance is an extension of the self, defining the experiences of mankind one talented step at a time. Past, present and future intertwine in an artistic portrayal of life on stage in a display of unwavering dedication. On March 12-13, the Fine Arts Department presented the 18th Spring Dance Concert at the Wilson Center, and hundreds of people filled the theatre to support the dancers and enjoy the show. Needless to say, FSCJ’s Dance Repertory Company delivered a performance charged with talent and symbolism that left the audience breathless.

The program began with the dance “Tribute to Tension,” a progressive piece that hooked spectators effortlessly. “Breaking Perception” came next, with a beautiful representation of an awakening of the self and search for personal empowerment. The color schemes and aquatic blue lights illuminated the interplay between conscious thought and all that lays dormant underneath the surface of human perception. “Do More, Do Less” offered a stark portrayal of societal pressure and scrutiny and how it wears on people. The pushing and pulling of the dancers may have been symbolic of the back-and-forth nature of relationships and what is expected of each other in modern times.

The contemplative tone of the show continued with “Freedom,” a riveting account of racial equality and the continuing problems we face in today’s culture. The music “Free Dumb,” by Jacqui Simone, further illustrated the point being made with its lyrics. “Times they have changed, funny how it all stays the same,” captured the idea that much work still needs to be done. Finally, the vitalness of human connection is elaborated on in the striking performance “Faith Balls.” This piece is a collaborative interpretation of two different works of art–both in dance and film. Using red balls as props, the dancers provided a stunning routine that supported the need for human connection and support amongst each other. The energy of this performance was high, juxtaposing vulnerability and strength through sensitivity and trust.

The night’s finale, “Emancia,” was especially fun, as the ensemble came out with a shock-and-awe performance completely unlike the rest of the show. They all executed a last act of incredible style and enthusiasm, taking the stage by storm as they owned their night. The entertainment truly was a treat and did not disappoint. It will be exciting to see what the next show from danceWORKS has in store for the public.

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