Spring Fling Kicks off at Kent Campus

Flying soccer balls and booming music brought a two-hour respite in the heart of the hectic academic calendar, as Kent Campus celebrated FSCJ’s final Spring Fling of 2015 under appropriately sunny skies Wednesday, April 1.

With a disc jockey playing favorite party hits and impromptu hopscotch games drawn up on the courtyard walkways, students placed their classwork on pause to enjoy the festival, based this year around a multicultural theme. “The goal is to get people more involved, to get people to see the things that we do, and hopefully join in,” said Kent Campus Student Government Association vice president Rebecca Campbell.

About a dozen clubs, ranging from the Business Leaders Association to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Club, took advantage of the occasion to spread the word about their organizations. “Spring Fling is an opportunity for us to talk to different students… and recruit them to get them to work with us toward bettering the human condition, which is the purpose of a lot of these STEM careers,” said STEM Club president Adrienne Simpson, whose organization volunteers in events like the Breast Cancer Walk and helps tutor elementary students in math and science.

Athletically inclined students set up a volleyball net, booted soccer balls and tossed horseshoes. Along the way, students munched free pizza and ice cream–a refreshing treat as afternoon temperatures climbed into the 80s.

All these activities, though, wouldn’t happen without a lot of preparation. “The whole semester,” said Kent Campus SGA president Irene Luna. “Usually, when the semester starts, we start to think about what to do for it.”

With hundreds of Kent Campus students taking part in the festivities, Luna welcomed the opportunity to inject a dose of school spirit. “A lot of the students during the day just go to the cafeteria and go to class,” she said. “But for me, I think the most exciting thing is seeing the students going out playing volleyball, in their little groups, just chit-chatting, not really going to class but hanging around on campus.”



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