VetSuccess AmeriCorps Offers New Service on Campus

VetSuccess AmeriCorps is offering a new service to veterans, current military personnel and all Veterans Affairs (VA) beneficiaries. From this point forward, any student wishing to donate textbooks to VA benefits recipients may do so through VetSuccess AmeriCorps locations on Kent Campus and South Campus.

“We’re collecting textbooks from students to be used by veterans, military and their beneficiaries,” said Roy Fallon, with VetSuccess AmeriCorps.

With rising college costs and the unique difficulties associated with applying for—and then waiting on—VA benefits, the new service will be able to quickly supply pending beneficiaries with their college books, allowing for a head start on their studies without having to pay for new books out of pocket.

Although the service won’t be able to offer a complete selection of books right away, their eventual goal is to create a comprehensive library of textbooks for use by anyone who’s waiting for their benefits to clear the system.

Students wishing to provide textbooks will also be able to receive a receipt of their donation for tax purposes.

To find out more about VetSuccess Americorps, visit their Facebook page.

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