FSCJ Honors Top Students at Wilson Center

Graphic design, statistics, dance, literature–from almost every sector of FSCJ’s educational programs, top-performing students enjoyed a one-of-a-kind experience to watch their hard work pay off.

Thirty-five students from across South Campus won special recognition for their efforts at the 29th annual FSCJ South Campus Student Awards Ceremony. The selected students were nominated by professors for the event, held April 15 at the Wilson Center.

“Professors are very, very thoughtful about whom they choose to nominate and select to get these prestigious awards,” South Campus president Margarita Cabral-Maly said. Cabral-Maly, who presented each student with a certificate of excellence, described the event as one of her favorite traditions at the college.

It’s also a special occasion for students like Michele Toledo, who is set to graduate in May with a bachelor’s degree in public safety management. “It’s a lot of hard work coming together,” she said. “It’s a lot of late nights and homework… I feel like I’ve accomplished something very important.”

As students walked onto the stage, they received their certificates from their nominating professors as Cabral-Maly read a summary of their accomplishments.

Following the presentations, students gathered in a reception in the Lakeside Room for fried chicken, wraps, fresh fruit and vegetables and a giant sheet of cupcakes. “It’s really good for the students, because they get the chance to get congratulated, to be honored,” said South Campus Student Government Association president Maile Maturell.

The moment was particularly special for younger students like Nicolas del Rosal, who was honored for his studies in history. While still in high school, he turned his lifelong interest in ancient history into work in the classroom that earned college-wide recognition. “Since I had been home-schooled, I’d never been nominated for an award,” he said. “So to finally be recognized for that felt great.”

A full list of student awards follows below:

Exceptional Computer Lab Tutor – Johnson Dao
Exceptional Foreign Language Lab Tutor – Christian Pruter
Exceptional Master Student in English – Max Rocha
Exceptional Master Student in Mathematics – Davion Manuel-McKenney
Exceptional Master Student in Reading – Laura Micula
Exceptional Math Lab Tutor – Rejan Pandya
Exceptional Writing Lab Tutor – Adina Micula
Outstanding GED Student – Dorilyn Molina
Outstanding Theatre Performance – Emily Kritzman
Outstanding Entertainment Technology Student – Seth Donaldson
Outstanding Citizenship Award in Dance – Malcolm Mercer
Outstanding Sign Language Interpretation Student – Alyssa Hartenstine
Outstanding 2-D Design Student – McKayla Braender
Outstanding 2-D Drawing Student – Ashanti Hinds
Outstanding 3-D Ceramics Student – Sabrina Becker
Outstanding 3-D Sculpture Student – Dustin Sims
Outstanding Photography Student – Savannah Dobbs
Outstanding Anthropology Student – Dominic Mitchell
Outstanding International Relations Student – Crystal Rickmann
Outstanding History Student – Nicolas del Rosal
Outstanding Political Science Student – Xyrria Tobler
Outstanding Psychology Student – Rachel Obi
Outstanding Public Safety Student – Michele Toledo
Outstanding Computer Information Systems Student – Nathan Freeman
Outstanding Database Technology Student – Audrey Beckmann
Outstanding Emergency Services Student – Earnestsa Hover
Outstanding Advanced Mathematics Student – Jeffrey Boleware
Outstanding Advanced Mathematics Student – Alyssa Walker
Outstanding Statistics Student – Jeffrey Boleware
Outstanding Chemistry Student – Zhimin Li
Samuel Jackson Forensics Award – Bowen Barrs
Outstanding Foreign Language Student (Spanish) – David Vrban
Outstanding Literature Student – Whitney Stewart
Outstanding Literature Student – Ailsinn Malson Kelly
Outstanding Student Ambassador – Rose Francois
Outstanding Student Government Member – Keeble Whyte

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