Course Scheduling Process Gets Revamped

It’s easy to get frustrated looking at a newly posted class schedule. Sometimes, needed classes are offered on a limited basis or not at all. What isn’t seen is the process used to create the schedule each semester and what’s being done to improve it.

FSCJ usually rolls forward the previous year’s schedule for a new semester, meaning the Summer 2015 term was initially posted as a copy of the Summer 2014 term. Now, the college is making some large changes to the scheduling process. “What we are doing this Fall 2015 schedule…is we decided to build it from scratch anew,” said Dr. Judith Bilsky, vice president and provost of FSCJ.

A newly created team called the Strategic Enrollment Management Team has been tasked with monitoring and adjusting the schedule based on information collected on a daily basis from existing course schedules. The overall goal is to have what Bilsky refers to as a “guaranteed schedule,” refined to such a degree that the college will no longer have to cancel or drop courses due to low registration close to the start of a new semester.

For the Fall 20161 and Spring 20162 semesters, the college will focus on revamping scheduling pertaining to the lower division, better known as Associate of Arts and Associate of Science. After FSCJ creates an effective scheduling process for lower division courses, they will begin revamping the upper division–or baccalaureate level–classes.

Photo by Roujo