Upgrading Education with Academic Degree Plans

Many students over the past few semesters have received TA or TC holds on their Connections accounts. These holds block students from registering for any classes until they have spoken with an academic advisor to have a degree plan created. Academic degree plans outline every class a student will take for the remainder of their current program of study, and which semesters to take those classes in.

While this seems like a frustrating waste of time, the FSCJ uses this process to help save its students money and time. Not only does having an academic degree plan save students from paying to take classes they might not need, but it also affords a greater amount of monetary savings after transferring to a state university.

Florida Statute 1009.286 refers to all baccalaureate degrees when it states that “an excess hour surcharge equal to 100 percent of the tuition rate for each credit hour in excess of 110 percent” must be charged. For most baccalaureate degrees, the required credit hours is 120, meaning the surcharge would apply after only 132 credit hours have been completed. This means tuition for each class taken past 132 credit hours will be double the general cost of tuition, regardless of what university in Florida is attended.

Academic degree plans average around 45 minutes to create and can be viewed within the student Connections account after being created. Students in need of an academic degree plan can make an appointment at the campus of their choice or visit the Deerwood Center for walk-ins.