The Campus Voice Roars Back to Life with Groundbreaking Summer Publication

photo(6)It’s been a rough start to the summer, as it should be. The Campus Voice has undergone enormous change in the year that I’ve been here, and there’s every indication that this change will be ongoing. We are no longer a printed newspaper, and we are no longer constrained by the limitations of a biweekly printing schedule.

As you can imagine, going from print to online has been both exciting and challenging. I worked alongside a wonderful staff last semester as an associate editor to help make this transition as painless as possible. Now we have our website, and we have a publishing system. What’s next?

For the first time in its 28 year history, The Campus Voice will operate year-round. Over the summer, we’ll focus on fleshing out fully the scaffolding we’ve constructed. Last semester we ran as a print publication that had relocated online. By the start of the fall semester, we will operate as a kaleidoscopic, multimedia powerhouse–bringing you news, entertainment and opinion in a variety of different forms.

Our city is in a state of transition, as is FSCJ. It’s only right that The Campus Voice should strive to chronicle this moment in time, while also establishing ourselves as a contributing force of the Jacksonville zeitgeist.

I arrived at the newsroom last spring on a whim. I simply wanted to write. Everything that has occurred in the intervening semesters has led me here. Sometimes the best gifts that life has to offer arrive in the form of a series of happy accidents, and I’m thrilled to be doing the dream job I never knew I needed. The newsroom is a wonderful place filled with driven and passionate staff. We have large personalities, and even larger ambitions. There’s endless work ahead, but I’m confident that our unique talents will carry us through.

Spread the good news–our news. Tell your friends and family. Send us your rantings, your stories and your suggestions. If you desire, send in an application. We’re always growing, and your voice is needed. You’ll never be bored.

Your Editor in Chief,

Connor St. George

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  1. Carole Prior says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to the NEW EDITOR in CHIEF CONNOR ST. GEORGE…Like St.George, who fought the Dragon, Connor will DRIVE this PUBLICATION ….will be the VOICE of the CRUSADER ….for the TRUTH…for the FACTS….for the JOY of SHARING CAMPUS GOALS and IDEALOGIES……as an ANALYZER and a THINKER, as a PROBING IDEA PERSON….CONGRATULATIONS…So proud of you and all that you have accomplished…

  2. Jeremy Hobbs says:

    You’ll be a great leader. No doubt.

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