College Bites: Overnight Oats and Other Stories

Countless mornings I’ve rushed around tending to the messes I was too lazy to clean up the previous night, planning my day and trying not to put my car keys in the fridge. Early day brain fog is slow to clear, even after the dregs from that first, perfect cup of coffee are clinging to the sides of my mug. The last thing I want to do is worry about preparing breakfast. But I’m a special case–I can’t crack an egg without pulverizing it into a goopy mess of shell fragments. I know I’m not alone.

In light of my struggle for good food throughout the day, I’ve decided to go into public service. “College Bites” is a new biweekly column written by me, Richard, designed around the simple notion that fast people need fast food–and I don’t mean McDonald’s.

Here’s a few ideas to keep you moderately well fed in the mornings, and far away from midday burnout. As with all cooking (and I do use the term loosely) endeavors, your mileage may vary. Stick to the steps, keep it simple, and never let anyone tell you that you’re lazy just because you know the golden rule: Work smart, not hard.

Overnight oats changed my life. I discovered a thousand variations of this gem while I was browsing through Pinterest, looking for projects that I’ll never do. It’s nearly impossible to mess this up, so give it a try.

You’ll need:

–1/2 cup of rolled oats (the kind that isn’t instant)

–1/2 cup of milk or milk substitute

That’s it for the basic recipe base! Mix the oats and the milk in a 1:1 ratio, then add in optionals. I use brown sugar and a handful of raisins. Other people swear by a teaspoon of chia seeds, or some almond slices. Once you’ve spruced it up, stick it in the fridge overnight. You’ll have breakfast waiting for you in the morning. I almost forgot to mention–fresh fruit is great too if you don’t mind some extra preparation. Throw some banana slices on those oats. Just don’t cut yourself slicing them.


My next breakfast breakthrough came about by accident, much like the discovery of Penicillin. Check back with The Campus Voice soon for my easiest morning recipe.

Featured Image by Sheila Sund

Banana Mango Overnight Oats by Meal Makeover Moms

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