Opinion: FSCJ’s Event Calendar Website is a Flop

At The Campus Voice, we’ve slowly been learning not to rely on FSCJ’s website for information about upcoming campus happenings. Last semester the Calendar of Events webpage was not entirely comprehensive–events would take place on campus without being listed online ahead of time. This semester, I tried to attend an event at Downtown Campus, only to find out that It had been cancelled when I arrived.

Last week I began searching FSCJ’s Calendar of Events webpage for student activities. I came across an event held regularly at Downtown Campus, which stated, “Footloose Friday is held every Friday during the term (except on holidays)” and “Work off a little stress and calories while socializing with campus staff and faculty.”

I had just finished Spring Term and rolled right into Summer Term, so the idea of working off a little stress really appealed to me. I clicked the contact link for Clashous Witherspoon on the webpage. This link took me to yet another webpage with a link to Footloose Friday. I found it strange that I was not brought to an email link, but rather another link for the same event. When I tried clicking that link, it was obviously broken–bringing me back to square one. I’m not one for making phone calls but was left with no choice. I dialed the number on the webpage but could not get through–the line was busy for what felt like an hour. I hung up the phone, figuring that if the calendar states the event is every week, I’ll just go ahead and drive to Downtown Campus Friday morning.

Friday, May 15, I awoke excited and ready for the event. After a long week the thought of working off a little stress was even more appealing. I got in my car, drove 45 minutes through congested traffic and arrived. I grabbed my water bottle and headed to Lobby A. As I walked through the doors security greeted me. I mentioned that I was there for Footloose Friday, and was then told that it had been cancelled. I was astonished.  After all, I had rechecked the calendar before leaving and there was not any mention of this event being cancelled. Much to my dismay, I walked back to my car for another 45-minute ride home, considerably more stressed than I was before arriving.

As of today, six days later, no changes have been made to remedy the broken contact information on the Calendar of Events webpage. I spoke with Student Life Event Coordinator Kurtson Boulware on Tuesday, who thanked me for my critique and informed me that the proper person would be contacted to resolve this.

Hopefully, FSCJ will have a better system in place for alerting students of changes to their event calendar in the future.

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