Think You Know Your College?

A nice FSCJ building - but where is it?
A nice FSCJ building–but where is it?

Students across the school by now have heard the theme: Five campuses, one college. But how well do you know the campuses that make up FSCJ? In our photo promotion, The Campus Voice will snap a photo – maybe from somewhere off the beaten path – from one of the college’s locations.

Think you know where this picture was taken? If so, leave a comment on this post with your name, the name of the campus in the photo and the location where the photo came from. Please include as much specific detail as possible.

We will include the previous week’s winner with each new photo. Now the whole school can find out how well you know your way around Northeast Florida’s largest college!

Answer to previous Photo Hunt: These strange boxes are part of the research garden at South Campus, just northwest of the gym and west of the Fitness Center.

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  1. abbyvic says:

    i have no idea. north campus?

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