Renovated Regency Theatre Offers a Unique Experience

By: Daniel Ciccarello and Rachel Duncan

I thought I knew what to expect when heading to the AMC Regency 24. After all, I live less than a mile away and have seen countless movies there. To my surprise when I went to purchase tickets, I was shown a seating diagram. I picked the middle of the top row as I normally do and went in.

I maneuvered my way to the seat I had selected and found a red leather recliner with my assigned seat number. Not only was it a recliner, but it had electronic buttons that allowed precise control of the viewing angle. I wanted to know more about the theater’s recent updates, so I decided to ask the manager, David McKanna (a fellow FSCJ student) for an interview.

In April, the AMC 24 converted all its auditoriums except the IMAX to a new, more intimate and comfortable seating configuration. This is one of the largest theatres AMC has converted and one of only a few in Florida. According to McKanna, these renovations took place in stages allowing the theatre to stay operational during construction. Smaller auditoriums went from 80 seats to 40, and the larger auditoriums had a slightly larger cut from 440 to 190 seats. With the number of seats cut down, AMC was able to add large, comfortable leather recliners.

Along with the new seats, they’ve also added the popular Coke Freestyle machines that allow you to make your own flavor combinations. In addition to the carbonated refreshments, they have also added MacGuffins–a bar with beer, wine and cocktails. The menu has also expanded to include more substantial options like chicken tenders and pizza. The total cost of all these changes is in the ballpark of 2.9 million dollars.

With less seats, AMC is able to offer reserved seating, so instead of having to get to a movie early you can buy tickets online and know your seat will be saved. That would’ve come in handy for all those midnight movies I waited hours for. Even with all of the updates, ticket prices haven’t increased, so you can still see a movie for under $10. Additionally, if you have an AMC Stubs card, the service charge is waived when ordering online.

There are a few minor downsides with the change. For example, when big movies like Jurassic World open, less tickets are sold–but that really only applies to a few weeks out of the year. Some customers have also been disappointed with the limited seating selection, but for the most part it’s been an overwhelming success.

Since the renovations took place in April, the theatre has seen a 37 percent increase in revenue and it’s on track to keep growing. In a highly competitive market, the AMC Regency 24 has managed to offer a unique experience for the average movie goer.

For more information: AMC 24

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