Tax Exemption Takes Effect

By Brenda Zelaya

The 2015 sales tax holiday has started and will continue until August 16, offering shoppers tax exemptions on distinct purchased items. As is the case every year, the Florida Department of Revenue has posted a list indicating what items are taxable and tax exempt on their website, with the purpose of showing customers some of the restrictions on each item.

“The official estimate for the holiday’s impact this year is $7.8 million,” said Renee Watters, Chief of Public Information at the Florida Department of Revenue located in Tallahassee.

As explained by Watters, who has been working in the department for 10 years, the length of the holiday and the items that qualify as tax exempt depend on the Legislature. This year the decision was for the holiday to extend to 10 days instead of the 3 day time frame from last year. The inauguration of this holiday took place in Florida in 1998, and since then, people have been able to save money while shopping. “Take advantage of the opportunity to shop and save!” said Watters.

On the Florida Department of Revenue’s website, they list some important rules individuals have to follow to qualify for tax exemption: Clothes being sold for $100 or less per item, certain school supplies selling for $15 or less per item and personal computers of the first $750 of sales price. If the prices of these eligible categories respectively are higher than what’s listed, then there will not be a tax exemption. The website also explains that tax exemptions will be authorized for internet purchases over the duration of the tax holiday if all requirements are met.

In Jacksonville, the sales tax holiday is viewed positively by the community because of the savings it brings to many families. For some, the savings in areas like back-to-school shopping and other needs may make the difference between a comfortable return to classes, or a financial burden.

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Photo by: Mike Mozart

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