“It is time for the student’s to use their VOICE”

“I’m 36 years old, a college student, and I’m the editor in chief of a college newspaper.” That’s something I never thought I would say, but I’ve said it in front of four out of the five classes that I am taking this semester. My name is Craig Young and I’m everything stated in that first sentence. I’m also a professional wrestler, a former IT supervisor, and I have over almost two decades of experience in the entertainment business. What I’m not is a journalist.

craig This semester, we here at The Campus Voice are building on an experiment. From 1989 until 2014, The Campus Voice existed as a traditional published newspaper. It could be found in and around the halls of all of the campuses of Florida State College at Jacksonville. During the fall term of 2014, the Campus Voice entered the next phase of a continuing evolution: the internet. Gone is the ink, the paper, and the printing press, all replaced with keyboards, computer screens and digital imagery of today’s increasing digital presence. With those changes in format come the changes in philosophy.
I’ve accomplished great things with the guidance of two former editors in chief, both of whom were very good at their style of presentation and outlook for The Campus Voice. Each editor was a journalist with a love for AP style and hard edged journalism. As I previously stated, I am not a journalist. My only shared goal with our previous two editors is to create a legacy carry us through the next evolution of newspapers.
The Campus Voice is not my paper. If you’re a student at FSCJ, if you’re a professor at FSCJ, it is ours. It’s our voice. I am a digital media student. Every day, I’m surrounded by the best and brightest minds in Jacksonville. When I walk into the cafeteria on any campus, I can always find a group of students to jump into a card game with. I can find a great game of Smash Bros on any campus student life office. Stop for a second and look around at your classmates, your students and your professors; you’re going to find someone doing something amazing. My goal is to use the Campus Voice as a platform for students to show others what amazing things they are doing. We will continue the tradition of writing compelling stories. You’ll continue to see us with our cameras at student life functions. The journalistic foundation was already built for us.
Now is our opportunity to say, “I do these amazing things! Here, look!” Do you make music? We want to hear it! Are you part of amazing club? We want to visit and spread the word! Professor’s do you have a student in your classes doing amazing work and deserves that pat on the back? Let us point the spotlight!
This is the Campus Voice going further. We will always have an open door. Come talk to us, or find a home with us, and most of all use your Voice!

Craig Young
Editor in Chief

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  1. Julie Dossantos says:

    This is great! Congrats on your accomplishments, past and future. In keeping with your opening statements…
    “Hi, my name is Julie. I am 41 years old and am currently in school full time pursuing my life long dream of becoming a teacher!”
    Wishing you the very best!

    1. Craig Young says:

      Thank you Julie. Best of luck in accomplishing your dream as well.

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