Streaming South: Illuminations from a journey home by Douglas J. Eng Debuts at The Wilson Gallery

On August 27, 2015, Douglas Eng’s photography collection entitled “Streaming South: Illuminations from a journey home,” debuted in the South Campus gallery. The gallery, housed in the Wilson Center, offers an open floor plan, white walls, and tall windows allowing soft evening sun to illuminate Eng’s prints of well-hidden spots of Jacksonville’s creeks.

Eng was greeted warmly throughout the night by a group of admiring colleagues, friends, and FSCJ professors and students. Eng walked his guests through the gallery explaining his prints are cataloged by season progressing from June 28, 2014, clockwise through the gallery ending May 30, 2015.  Citing the second print in the collection, Cathedral of Nature, as his favorite, Eng explains,

“The reflection of the peaked arches in the water makes them feel complete.” Circular shapes are a common theme throughout Eng’s photographs. Soft light, brilliant greenery, and minimal edits are also prominent in the Streaming South collection, including Reflection of Autumn, a print reminiscent of Monet’s water lilies. The soft, painting-like quality is reproduced in Showers which captures rain falling heavily on Lofton Creek.

Eng was pleased to report only one run-in with an alligator in Durban Creek throughout his pilgrimage, and answered questions related to maintaining camera stability while shooting from a kayak.

The prints are accompanied by anecdotal blurbs written by Eng.  A guest complimented Eng noting his description of Alter of Light, saying his use of phrases such as “dust fairies” were as eloquent as his photographs.

Streaming Showers: Illuminations from a journey home will be on display until September 16th. All works are available for sale.

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    Check out my first article in The Campus Voice to kick off the 2015-2016 school year. Be sure to go see Douglas Eng’s photos in the Wilson Center gallery!

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