Campus Awareness Days at FSCJ a major success for Student Clubs and Student Life

_MG_7768-44-51Over the past week the Student Life organizations at campuses across FSCJ held a Campus Awareness Day. South, Kent, Open Campus/Deerwood Center North and the Downtown campuses all had events. The Campus Voice was on hand for most of these events. At the Deerwood Campus Awareness day music played and the smell of popcorn filled the air. Shyann Schmid  from Student Life “we connected many students with campus resources and relevant information to help develop student campus interaction”.

Kent students were playing hacky sack and soccer. Kerry Roth the Associate Director of Student Engagement at Kent Campus said “We want students to know about these opportunities because students that get participate in co-curricular activities typically have higher GPA’s, are more likely to connect with their professors, have higher institutional satisfaction, demonstrate a desire develop professionally, and look more desirable to employers than students who choose not to participate in co-curricular activities.”


Over at South Campus there was “Mr. Bones” and Professor Charlie Phillips with the karate club. The FSCJ Spectrum of Success Club handed out ribbons and invited students to their Tuesday 2nd and 4th Tuesday meetings at South. Students and faculty lined the halls of their perspective campuses as students stopped by to learn more.
Many clubs were on hand to show the student body what they are all about. At each campus, various members of our Student Government were on hand to talk to students about the upcoming elections. Each Campus Library Commons participated to inform students about their options and additional tutoring, upcoming events, and programs they offer. The highlight at each of these events were the members and facility of Student Life.  Each event felt like a proud moment for Student Life as each campus’s staff were excited and brought a great energy to their event. Many of the staff members could be found greeting students with warm handshakes, hugs and high fives. Campus Awareness Day hit quite a few major goals, but most importantly  the events around the campuses allowed students to connect with their campus on a new level.


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(Photo credits for this article go to Jesuel Rivera and Micheal Ryan)

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