Adventure Landing’s Halloween Haunt Nights Returns!

By: Johnson Dieujuste

IMG_2494[1]Adventure Landing, located on 1944 Beach Blvd. is hosting their annual “Halloween Haunt Nights,” beginning on October 2. Fun for locals and visitors will be bountiful as the staff attempts to elicit screams from anyone brave enough to enter.

As October advances and mornings become cooler, Adventure Landing works to capitalize on the local Halloween rush. Construction plays the biggest part during the lead-up to October as certain areas of the park are completely redesigned in order to create an eerie feel. The work is intense, and all hands have been needed on deck in order to evenly spread the load.

“I help Rick [General Manager] put up the walls wherever he says to put them,” said Taylor Daughtry, an employee. “I put them up and put them together with him.”

Daughtry and the other members working on the haunted houses and related displays for Haunt Nights put immense work into perfecting every aspect of the experience. Piles of wood are hauled from trailers to the park and are used to build critical elements of the haunted houses.

Adventure Landing has some new tricks up their sleeve for this upcoming Haunt Nights. One of the main conductors of the event, Dawn Wade, revealed that a rotating tunnel has been added to the mix. Creating the illusion of drunkenness, the spinning walkway should be a fun experience for many.

For those less inclined to flinging themselves into the abyss, or confronting their very worst fears, Adventure Landing’s Haunt Nights is the perfect place to get into the spirit of Halloween. “It’s a more family orientated haunted house,” said Williams. “So it’s great for pretty much everybody.”

If the upcoming fall seems void of activities, head over to Adventure Landing and participate in the family fun.


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