The Faculty Exhibit brings a must see event to the South Gallery

The professors of Florida State College at Jacksonville once again take center stage at The South Gallery located inside the Wilson Center for the “Visual Arts & Digital Media Faculty Exhibit.” The yearly exhibit displays that FSCJ houses some of the most talented and creative instructors in Jacksonville. The South Gallery at the Wilson Center showcases photography, sculpture, needle point, digital media and this year something new — 3D printed art.  Gathering for the opening on Thursday September 24th, professors from Kent Campus, South Campus and retired professors showcased their works to students and guests.

The entranceway to the gallery is filled with fantastic works showcased first by a sculpture piece titled “Buoy #1” by Professor Byron Caplan. To the right, a familiar cross stitch piece titled “Dangerous” created by Professor Liz Murphy Thomas, a continuation of an unnamed ongoing project and a great throwback to Nintendo and Legend of Zelda 8-bit game players. Deeper in the gallery, interactive pieces highlighting Professor Miko’s block art format with a piece titled ” broncogirl” — a small glimpse of the upcoming “Blocktober Fest” event at FSCJ’s South Campus. One of two interactive pieces created with 3D printing technology titled “Ghost Lily” gives the audience an opportunity to touch and maneuver a piece of art. Though out the exhibit, there are many amazing themes shown in the works of Professors Julia DeArriba-Montgomery, Professor Becky Colangelo, and Dr. Troy Johnson, street life photography by Professor Mark Sablow, and even interesting concept pieces presented on stoneware by Professor Ron Wetherell.

An important theme for this term’s South Gallery events is in part to the generosity of our professors.  Budget cuts have created a gap in The South Gallery’s ability to hold event openings with catering for the artists and guests.  These same budget cuts also threaten prize awards for the “Juried Art Event,” held annually during the spring semester. Many of the works seen on display at this event are for sale and will aid in funding these gaps. At the front of the event, dozens of matted prints are available for purchase also. For the gallery event opening, food and drink were provided by Miko Salon — located at 581 Market Street in St. Augustine, FL 32095.  This is another proud moment to be a member of Florida State College at Jacksonville, as the professors and faculty band together to continue to push the arts and keep great events sponsored in South Gallery.   The gallery features 52 individual pieces by 20 artists gorgeously arranged by Elizabeth Lewis, Gallery Coordinator for South Gallery. The Visual Arts & Digital Media Faculty Exhibit will be on display through October 16th and is free to all FSCJ students and guests.

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