Get To Know Your Live Action Superheroines

Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia written by Greg Rucka with art by Wade Von Grawbadger and J.G. Jones

HiketeiaThis fascinating story begins with Wonder Woman taking a young woman under her protection because of an Amazonian oath, then going up against Batman himself. This is one of the most influential, stories about Wonder Woman you could read. Whether it’s the best, well that’s a matter of personal opinion, but it’s certainly hailed as one of the best.

It has everything a great Wonder Woman story should have. Wonder Woman, acting as an unrelenting protector of women, not compromising her morals even in the face of great adversity, and kicking butt. Even if that butt is Batman. There’s a real sense of drama because it’s Batman who isn’t The Dark Knight, but Diana’s – the woman under the golden tiara – close friend for years. Fighting Batman isn’t about dominance or power, but about morals. The same can be said of Batman, who tries to appeal to Wonder Woman as both a friend, and another who needs protection. In the end, you have two people with strong convictions who are tested greatly – thought the focus is mainly on Wonder Woman herself.

The story itself is mostly self contained so it’s easy for a new reader to jump right into the story and get a feel for who Wonder Woman is as a character. Wonder Woman’s first ever live action movie is set for release in 2017, and this is the comic to read before it hits theaters.

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