FSCJ’s InterVarsity club

Writer: Tyrah Walker

ICFC having Bible study
ICFC having Bible study

Among the many clubs and organizations Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) have to offer is one growing club that teaches on faith, love and spreading the gospel of Jesus. The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Club (ICFC) is new to campus but not new to the city. The ICFC chapter here at   FSCJ is just a small portion of a huge organization called                                                                                                                                                               Sonburst – an annual statewide youth conference which involves each state college or university located in Florida. This year was the first time that the college went to represent. Among the 600 students that attended the conference were two FSCJ students Savannah Dobbs and Tyrah Walker, alongside with one of their ICFC leaders Dan and devoted volunteer Trust Oliver.

The conference was held on Oct. 16-18 and included a weekend stay at the Orlando Airport Marriot Hotel with great food, worship services, seminars, Bible studies and learning how to build a better campus within your college community.

“It was a life changing experience”, said Dobbs. “One of the greatest experience of my life spending time with other college Christian students”.

Being the first year that FSCJ went to attend the statewide conference was a big deal to the organization and now the chapter here at FSCJ is brainstorming possible ways that more students can get involved and join in for the conference next year. Every Wednesday at South Campus the ICFC holds Bible study inside the cafeteria at noon. At Kent Campus, Bible studies are also held in the cafeteria in meeting room G125 at 12:30 p.m. For one hour, all students are welcomed to attend and are able to discuss the life on campus, the word of God and anything the student may need guidance or advice with for the week.

“I am so thankful that God is using me as a volunteer”, said University of South Florida graduate Trust Oliver. “I got to witness firsthand how God is using my friends and our group at FSCJ”. Every Thursday Oliver dedicates her time at Kent

Sonburst Conference 2015 during worship service
Sonburst Conference 2015 during worship service

campus and helps the youth leaders of the ICFC with the weekly Bible studies.

ICFC staff Dan is excited for the continued growth of the club. He has been a part of the staff for 16 years and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

“InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a place where students can come together in a loving community to grow deeper in their relationship with God through Bible study, prayer, fellowship and serving others,” said Dan. “We hope to have many more gatherings as we grow in the coming months”.

As the club continues to grow here at FSCJ, more activities will be open for students to enjoy. They’re planning to have movie and game nights for the upcoming holiday season, and anyone is welcomed to join whether a student is religious or not. The message is to come together and spread love and hope, not to judge one another based on stereotypes or social issues happening in the world today.




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