NOVEMBER: Changing the Face of Men’s Health

Writer: Chanel V Tillman

No-Shave-NovemberI am a pogonophile so when November comes around I get overly excited. What’s a Pogonophile? One who loves or studies beards and the hairiest month of the year is finally here. There are two organizations whose mission is to raise awareness by changing the face of men’s health; No Shave November and Movember. Both recommend that men shave Oct. 31 and beginning Nov. 1 let it grow is the motto.

No-Shave November is a month-long journey during which men do not shave in order to evoke conversation about men’s health issues. The goal is to have all men embrace their hair, which many cancer patients lose, to provide awareness. The rules are simple: put away the razors and clippers for 30 days and donate the monthly hair-maintenance expenses to the cause. Participation of any kind is encouraged; growing a beard, cultivating a mustache, even letting the legs go natural. Grooming and trimming are perfectly acceptable according to

The Movember Foundation is a global charity, started in Melbourne, Austria, committed to men living a happier, healthier, longer life. Millions have joined the men’s health movement since 2003, raising $650 million and funding over 1,000 programs focusing on prostate and testicular cancer as well as poor mental health and physical activity according to Movember rules differ slightly from No-Shave November, they request mustaches only; no beards or goatees. Each “Mo Bro” must grow and groom a mustache.

I, personally, am a bigger fan of No-Shave November but I support both as they raise awareness for men’s health. According to the American Cancer Society, one in six men in their lifetime could be diagnosed with prostate cancer. The society estimates about 220,800 new cases and 27,540 deaths from prostate cancer in 2015 in the United States. Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer found in American men according to the Center for Disease.

I posted a poll on Facebook and Instagram to see just how many people, men and women, agreed or disagreed with my thoughts. I received various response’s out of the 32 people who responded on Facebook and 11 on Instagram but the general consensus was let it grow.

FB POLL RESULTS: 71 percent agreed beards are a necessity and the other 29 percent disliked or had no preference. One of the men in the 30 percent currently rocks a beard because it is what the ladies like which goes to show even if you do not like it what a woman wants matters.

IG Poll Results: 91 percent agreed beards are a necessity and nine percent disliked or had no preference.

Reasons provided from the men who have beards varied but the general consensus was the ladies love them and that’s why they grow them. There were a few men that felt beards are natural and the way it should be. One man feels it shows masculinity and growing a mane like a lion is the way of a king. The ladies who enjoy bearded men all agreed that it gives more sex appeal and a manly look.

The men that did not like them gave itchy faces, inability to grow and not liking how they looked with more facial hair. The women that did not like them said they do not like the mountain man, lumbar jack or transient look.

A man with facial hair, preferably a beard, is more appealing in my opinion. There is a grown man look about a man with a full face of hair. The beard epidemic has grown over the past few years and men with a face full of hair have become hot commodities. They know it too.

No matter the preference, if you are able to grow any facial hair and your place of employment allows it, I encourage all who can participate to do so. This is a great way to support your fellow man by donating grooming costs to research for various cancers and mental health issues. Be your brother’s keeper.


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