Free College a Real Possibility? #HeadsUpAmerica

By Madeline Windsor



For the past decade, college costs has skyrocketed, and student debt in the U.S. is currently over 1 trillion dollars. Since the beginning of 2015 President Obama has been pushing a free community college plan that would allow students to go to their first two years of community college absolutely free. The hype for the possibility of free tuition for students has increased, leading Student Life Government at Florida State College at Jacksonville on October 28th 2015 to gather information from students, and encourage them to take a survey for their opinions on whether or not free college could be a good idea.

According to FSCJ’s student body president Brienna Smith, most students are up for free college, but are worried.

“It depends how you’re going to pay for it”, converged communications Thomas Bellflower, 27, student at FSCJ said. “Nothing is truly free. So that’s the problem”.

According to, only students who get good grades and are serious about getting a degree or certificate would get their first two years of community college free, and local, state and federal funds will contribute to the cost.

Other students, according to the student government’s data, say America is running behind on free education in comparison to other countries, such as Sweden, Germany or Brazil.

“Free college is phenomenal”, Michael Lopez, 20, student at FSCJ said. “Then colleges could be more considerate about testing then about [student’s] bank accounts, which is nice”.

According to FSCJ’s student government, free education could be extremely beneficial for the country; such as lower crime rates, and less homelessness. Getting a career straight out of high school is nearly impossible without seeking a college education. Free community college would also help lower-income families, those who cannot even consider going to college due to money. It would also help the U.S.’s student debt. Currently, the average student graduates college with 28,400 dollars in in debt.

Whether or not community college should be free in the end, is up to the students. For more information, or for those interested in helping out the #HeadsUpAmerica movement, visit or

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