FSCJ Press Release – Digital Fabrication Gallery Discussion at FSCJ South Campus

For Immediate Release: January 12, 2016
Contact: Jill Johnson, (904) 632-5016


Digital Fabrication Gallery Discussion at FSCJ South Campus


WHAT:          Members of the public are invited to attend a digital fabrication discussion hosted by Florida State College at Jacksonville’s (FSCJ) South Campus Gallery.

Thursday’s discussion is part of the Virtually Solid: Digital Fabrication as Sculpture exhibition coming to Jacksonville for the first time. The exhibit represents a diverse cross-section of the most innovative use of new technologies that will

shape the future of artistic expression.

                      Professors Michael Cottrell, Julia DeArriba-Montgomery and exhibitor Clint Burbridge will discuss their ideas and fabrication process with the local group Jacksonville 3-D Printing Meetup.

Professor Cottrell use 3-D scanning technology to create digital models of items such as bones and shells, which can be manipulated in the virtual space in ways not possible in the physical.

Clint Burbridge is a painter working in an abstract contemporary cubist style. Painting on geometric 3-D printed surfaces, his colorful palette creates a playful optical relationship between the pigment, canvas and physical space of the                              viewer.

The exhibition runs until January 28 at South Campus. To learn more, please contact Lynn Lewis, FSCJ gallery coordinator, at (904) 646-2023.


COST:            Free


WHO:             Public


WHEN:          Digital Fabrication Gallery Discussion: Thursday, January 14, 2016, 7 p.m.

Reception: Thursday, January 28, 2016, from 6 – 8 p.m.


WHERE:        Florida State College at Jacksonville-South Campus Gallery

Nathan H. Wilson Center for the Arts

11901 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32246

More information about the exhibit: With applications ranging from industrial fabrication and architecture, to biomedical research and the creation of 3-D printed organs, the evolution of the relationship between the digital world and the physical is poised to bring about a whole new paradigm of innovation. The implications of this technology on the creation of sculptural art are just as profound. Utilizing digital modeling software, 3-D scanning and 3-D printing, artists can now manifest innovative form in ways never previously imaginable. Artists included in this exhibition have created works using a diverse array of approaches to harness the potential of these processes.

Exhibiting artists include: Suzanne Anker, Clint Burbridge, Michael Cottrell, Julia DeArriba-Montgomery, Brian Harper, Paul Higham, Tareq Mirza, Mary P. Neubauer, Andrew Noble, Kim Thoman, David Van Ness, Mary Visser, Julie Anne Ward, Andrew Werby, and Corinne Whitaker. Images by David Van Ness, Mary P. Neubauer and Mary Visser.


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