Humans of FSCJ – Feb 2, 2016



“Did you ever watch ‘Malcom in the Middle’? Well you know the final episode, the most beautiful season finale to any show ever on Earth? Malcom’s mom looks at him and says ‘Life is never gonna be easy for you, but you’re gonna be successful anyway because you’re gonna work hard for it, because you don’t have a choice. If not, you’ll fall on your face.’ And what she said is true! I feel like some people aren’t willing to accept that as their truth. You will always be different. You will always be a minority. You will never be the most beautiful. You will never be ‘that’ person who seems to have it all together and have it all figured out. We all know that person, it seems like everyone loves them, everyone thinks they’re beautiful, and everything good always happens to them. You will never be like them, no matter how hard you try, because they had a head start on you. They had the parents who took care of everything and never had to worry. And then there’s people who struggle every single day. Every day someone is going to knock you down. You have to keep getting up because the minute you stay down, you lose. My journey is uphill- I know that. But it’s uphill to the top anyway, and I’m gonna make it there. My goal is to have been kind to as many people as I can on my way to the top, because the worst thing you can do is be successful and have helped no one on your journey there.”

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