Humans Of FSCJ – February 19, 2016

HumansofFSCJ“My life is a romantic comedy. I’m a designer, I go about teaching graphic design. I’m on this clock so to speak, even right now. It’s funny because I live in Gainesville. I commute every day to FSCJ. I’m constantly looking at that 24-hour clock. I eat, I sleep, I talk, and there’s my 24-hours. I think its sort of humorous. I never feel like I can take a moments breath. I do a lot of running around, it’s crazy. I feel like I’m two steps forward, one step back.  Just like on the interstate in traffic- except it’s in life. Life gets funny. There’s an interesting absurdity to life that seems hilarious.

I’m almost out of my romantic comedy, I’m going to retire soon. I want to explore more of my art and design in retirement, and taking my time to play golf.”





Writer: Kennedy Ryder
Photographer: Jesuel Rivera

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