Humans of FSCJ – February 27, 2016


humansoffscj“My goals are probably going to be accomplished in a completely unconventional way. I’m okay with that though, doing things unconventionally is a big part of what it means to be me. I’ve placed a high emphasis on that- on my own authenticity. It’s important that I’m genuine and organic with people, I present myself naturally how I want to be, and how I want to be perceived, hopefully people will grasp onto that and see me in the way I hope. It makes everything so much easier this way, I used to be so easily impressionable. I used to do things just for the effect they would have on people, and then resume my “normal” mentality. There was this Andrew who did hockey, and Andrew who does school, and then there’s Andrew who deals with his school friends, and Andrew who deals with his outside of school friends, there were all these different aspects of myself. One day I brought them all together so they worked in every situation, and stopped caring what people thought.”

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