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12767441_987400657964044_902933038_nSome people go through life struggling to get a focus on a pathway to success. They find it ever elusive and fleeting at times. When you wake up everyday, not knowing where the day will take you, it drains the momentum and motivation from you almost instantly. In order to change that mind set, one needs to alter their consciousness in such a way that success doesn’t become an option, it becomes a necessity. It becomes who you are and what you want, down to the very core of your being.

I myself have struggled with these ideas, I have also overcome that negative thinking to embrace, what I believe is, a truer version of myself. So, with that said, I am very proud to share my interview with Terry Jaymes. It has been a great honor to share words with him and now I would like, very much, to share them with you.

Good Morning Mr. Jaymes, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for speaking with me. My readers are most likely familiar with you from your radio show, The Lex & Terry Show, but would love to hear more about your life and work outside of the program. How did you start out in your career and can you tell us about your history in the entertainment business?

Well, it’s been a fun ride to say the least. The best part is that I feel like my career is just getting started! I am one of the lucky ones who always had a pretty clear vision of what they wanted to do. Never really had a “Plan B.” This might sound strange, but I learned and perfected the power of visualization at a very young age. I think the first book I ever read was Dr. Wayne Dyer’s The Sky’s the Limit. I couldn’t get enough. I started off in my bedroom with a cassette player (remember those?) broadcasting Los Angeles Dodger baseball games to myself. I just fell in love with anything that had to do with show business. I’ve done it all. Stand-up comedy, radio shows and even some acting on a soap opera as well as Comic Strip Live and Sunday Comics on FOX.

I believe in the concept of, if you can conceive it, you can achieve it. Visualizing and attracting the things you want are powerful tools of success. The trickier part of having great ideas is executing them. Some folks have a harder time than others becoming motivated. I think it comes down to having passion and a real love for what you are doing or want to do.

Once you achieve a certain level of success in this world, what are some of the motivations for building on that success, and inspiring yourself and others to do more? Was that a goal for creating your podcast, “Terry Jaymes Alive”?

Visualization is the first step of the entire process. But you have to take action to give life to your dreams. Action is the real key.

Staying motivated for me has been pretty easy. When you find something you truly love it’s all you can think about. If you lose interest in an idea, it’s not meant to be. In the case of Terry Jaymes Alive, it was all about the law of attraction. I believe I am doing ok in life, because of my choice in friends. I have a few really close friends. Over the years we have shared dreams, supported one another, and held each other accountable. We share our success and failures with one another and are in a constant state of learning. I came up with the idea for the show, because I wanted to surround myself with others who share the same passion. I wanted to talk to people of all walks of life who have great stories. I have been studying the masters since my mid-teens and the show is a continuation of that. The show is a way to share our victories and above all, our losses. It’s a family of people cheering each other on.

Some people don’t realize that the law of attraction is as real as the air that we breathe. Over the course of my own life, I have witnessed it’s power first hand. It changes things, both for the positive and the negative. Those ideas are very powerful and have long lasting effects on lives. Having those around you, who are like minded and sharing the human experience, is worth more than any material possession or singular accomplishment that we can attain. You have been involved in different charities throughout the years, could you tell us about the focus of some of that work?

You are so right Kris. The Law of Attraction goes both ways. Positive or negative. It’s a choice. If you hang out with dirt bags, chances are you’ll be on that same path. It’s really simple when you think about it. I’m still amazed that some people don’t get it.

As far a charity goes, yes the Lex and Terry show has been involved with some very special causes. We’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Autism Society of America. We have done a lot for no-kill animal shelters too. Plus we give to our own personal charities as well. When Terry Jaymes Alive really picks up steam (and it’s starting to) I have some ideas of how we can help our fellow listeners achieve their goals and to live an extraordinary life.

I know how the universe works. It’s beyond important to give. It doesn’t have to be money. It can be your time as well. It could be something as simple as giving somebody a compliment. It has become a huge part of who I am. I don’t like drawing attention to myself with what I personally do. Like I said, there isn’t a day that goes by to where I don’t give in some sort of way. It’s the best habit I have. It’s also why were are here. Compassion.

Compassion is paramount in so much that we are, and are capable of. That ability to me, is one of the best traits of mankind. One of my favorite things about mankind is the desire to leave behind a legacy, to be remembered for the life they lived and the work they accomplished. Which, of course, leads to my last question. How would you like to be remembered and what sort of legacy would you want to leave behind for future generations?

The older I get the more I think about this question. My wife and I decided not to have children. So there goes the “I want be known as a great father” option.

I am a flawed person. Along with my victories, good decisions and good fortune, comes a long list of the exact opposite. Everybody at some point in their lives (Usually early on) has a hopeful vision of their future. Overtime bad decisions are made. Decisions in which there’s no choice but to be held accountable. Bad decisions lead to setbacks. Some of those setbacks are so severe we never really recover from them. These can damage both our material world as well as our psyche. So to say that I’m a perfect example of a man would be a total lie.

I hope my answer for this question will change over the years. But for now I will be happy if people remember my sense of humor, that I’m a person who has learned and thrived from poor decisions, my ability to find the good in something or someone, my generosity and my ability to love. I have become a pretty good husband and I hope I can be remembered as someone who inspired and encouraged others as well.

I feel I’m on a great path to get better at everything I just mentioned. I really desire to do something on a grand scale though. It’s really what keeps me going. My morning radio show (Lex and Terry) gives people a good laugh. I want Terry Jaymes Alive to give the masses hope and help – all done with a sense of humor and as authentic as I can be.

We hear it and say it all the time, but it never seems to sink in. Life is too short. It should be filled with crazy good times. We all deserve to be happy and fulfilled on every level.


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