“Justin Case You Haven’t Seen It”: Turbo Kid

turbo-kid-is-an-insanely-radical-ultra-violent-film-sundance-2015-reviewNetfilx has become a commodity in most homes for watching TV shows and movies that we may have missed in the theater. I got bored and decided to see what I could subject my eyeballs to on this wonderful platform this weekend. I came across a movie called Turbo Kid. Netflix seemed to think that I would thoroughly enjoy it so I decided to take a gander.

Turbo Kid is yet another movie that is shot and edited like it was made in the eighties. This can be a good thing, or it can be completely distracting and a lame attempt to cover up the fact that there is no plot under the surface of all of the simulated tracking effects and dazzlingly craptastic special effects. Surprisingly, Turbo Kid was not half bad.

Turbo Kid revolves around a kid named Turbo. I’m just kidding, but I bet you wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t. His name is actually The Kid (I’m not kidding this time). The story takes place in 1997 in a post apocalyptic wasteland. In the eighties, 1997 was far enough away for the crap to be dissipated by a fan. Even Skynet was supposed to take over in 1997 according to Terminator 2: Judgement Day and that film came out in 1991, but I digress. Just keep in mind that this movie was supposedly made in the eighties.

So anyway The Kid is obsessed with comic books and is particularly fond of a character named Turbo Man. On one of his daily scavenges, The Kid comes across a girl named Apple. The two wind up bonding and he takes her under his wing. Apple is kidnapped by a tyrannical overlord named Zeus. The Kid falls into a ship buried in the ground while fleeing from one of Zeus’s goons. He soon discovers that Turbo Man is real and he is in his ship. He dons Turbo Man’s gear and becomes (wait for it)…Turbo Kid. Now that you know why the movie is named Turbo Kid, we can move on. The rest of the plot is very simple. The Kid goes to rescue Apple and bring down Zeus. Very generic, but oddly entertaining.

As far as the feel of the eighties, this movie really nails it. The soundtrack is provided by a Casio keyboard and the look of everything (sets, costumes, etc.) is spot on. Even the special effects have an eighties feel. There is a lot of gore in this film (think of Kill Bill Vol.1) and all of those effects are practical (no computer graphics). I was honestly surprised by the amount of blood and the fact that it wasn’t being used as a scapegoat for a lame plot. Even though a lot of it was gratuitous, it was still fantastically entertaining.

The other thing I found amusing was that the  main transportation for everyone is a bicycle. This would make sense since gasoline hadn’t been produced for at least a decade. It made me laugh because at heart, this is a low budget film and you could just tell this was one way to save money.

Overall I think this movie was enjoyable enough to recommend watching it. If you grew up in the eighties or just love the eighties, then you will really get a kick out of this one. Check it out on Netflix when you have time to kill.


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