Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival After Experience

Okeechobee fest was full of warm afternoons and cold, bundled nights. I talked to several people throughout the festival, who took a flight to experience this weekend getaway or even drove 16 hours.

My personal favorite set of the weekend would have to be Kendrick Lamar. He not only has a personal flow of lyrics, but his performance is something that can’t be described or experienced unless you are there in person. He even dropped “untitled unmastered.” on March 4th, while everyone was on their way or just settled at Okeechobee.

I enjoyed watching Youth Lagoon head banging and dancing across the stage, as well as Kamasi Washington playing late at night and putting me into a peaceful state of mind before heading back to my tent for the night. Shabazz Palaces was another groovy set and the weather was a little more breezier than other days, making it even more enjoyable, with most afternoons consisting of a beating sun.

A big connection at festivals is having conversations with people or being given free gifts. One morning my camp group sprawled across the sand in Aquachobee and met a nude woman who told us she came all the way from Germany. She extended her arm out and had feathers hanging from the arms of her sweater and asked us if we would like a feather.

We wore the feathers in our hair all weekend. The next morning at Aquachobee we encountered a dreaded man who asked to wash our feet with oatmeal soap bars to exchange his energy with ours. As he washed people’s feet he talked to them about letting tension go and put his fingers in between people’s toes as he washed them.

The ultimate key to surviving a festival weekend is hydration! The scariest sight possible is watching someone fall straight to the ground. One Okeechobee morning we were waiting in a mile long coffee line and turned around to the sound of a guys head hitting the solid ground. Luckily it wasn’t concrete and there were safety people around to give him water and put him on a golf cart to the health tent. I cannot stress drinking enough water and watching out to not heavily day drink. Wait until the sun goes down or while you are at the last set of the night to let loose. The Florida sun is killer and the only way to make it through the day is sunscreen and water.

Our camp group was so thankful for the jugs we brought to refill with water during the whole weekend. Not only were the jugs useful in carrying our water but when you have no money to spare for a $7 shower, and haven’t showered in two days, using the jugs to take a shower at the sinks with your friends is nice too. We were also happy that we brought PB&J sandwiches, trail mix, and bananas to keep us energized. Festival food truck lines can take almost 45 minutes to an hour out of your day, if you don’t hit them up at the right hour.

One of the funniest moments of the weekend was before Future jumped on stage and a guy standing next to us asked if anyone had adderall. My friend looked over and rolled her eyes and exclaimed, in a sarcastic manner, “Yeah we are all trying to study here. Let’s pull out the books.” He wasn’t too happy about the answer but many laughs broke out, for a funny moment before the crowd started to go wild for Future. On top of that there were lots of “Damn Daniel” and “Where’s Carl?!” internet humor moments, where everyone bursted into laughter as they were walking to the next set.

Overall Okeechobee brought a wanderlust feeling to everyone. My camp tribe and I are already talking about plans for our next upcoming adventure. There really isn’t anything that brings you closer to people than living in a tent and sharing music. Your sleep schedule and planning for the day all resets after a festival. You find yourself waking up naturally at 7am and doing more through the day than you did before a festival. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends to experience this with.

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