Blue Waves Yolizma Cupidan


Yolizma Cupidan has always looked up to her older brothers, but little did she know wanting to be like her brothers would turn into a love for basketball. Cupidan took up the game when she was growing up, after watching her brothers play and wanting to be like them.

“My mom is the most dedicated and hardworking person I know, she raised me into the woman I am today, and she has done everything for me. I want to be just like her.” Says Cupidan when asked about her role models. It is clear that her family is very important to her. Originally from Orlando, she knows she definitely wouldn’t have had the opportunity to move to Jacksonville without basketball in her life. In fact, basketball has even inspired her to want to become a sports medicine doctor.

“Show up, be coachable, and be able to take criticism effectively.” Are some important life lessons the game has taught her. The biggest one? “Be consistent in everything you do, and never give up.”


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