Blue Waves Leandra Franklin


Sitting at 5’2, Leandra, or “Lea” Franklin isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a college basketball player. Though, she doesn’t let that stop her. A pistol on and off of the court, she initially took up basketball in middle school as a way to occupy her free time. When asked about her role models, Leandra didn’t hesitate to tell me about how much her mom does for her. “She goes through a lot to make sure I have everything I need, for that she is just- awesome.”

Without basketball, she tells me she definitely wouldn’t be where she is today. The game has taught Franklin many life lessons, but the biggest is patience. “It’s really a virtue, skills and things in life take time to develop.”

So what’s in the future for Lea? Her goals are to major in physical therapy, and to run her own business in that field. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for the game, she is destined for success.

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