Bernie Sanders: Redesigning the American political field, one Socialist at a time.

If you look at the field of candidates for our next president, you will see something very confusing. You will see a self obsessed reality television personality, a right wing tea party poster boy, a former First Lady, and then there is Bernie. The 74 year old Jewish Senator from Vermont, is the only stand out in this group of wanna be’s. Most people will talk about his crusade against the greedy, corporate interest and the 1%’rs who hoard all the wealth in this country for themselves, while the common men and women of this country go further into poverty. That’s definitely a “yuge” part of his message. Standing up for the everyday people is definitely in his interests. I wanted to shed some more light on the things that Senator Sanders doesn’t get too much attention on with most voters.

I wanted to share a bit about his past with the Civil Rights movement. Ever since the early 1960’s Sanders has been very vocal in the fight against segregation and racial equality. He attended the University of Chicago and during his time there he spoke up and acted against the violence against African Americans, going so far as to march along with everyone else in 63′ with Martin Luther King Jr. for his revolutionary”I Have A Dream” speech. He has been arrested for speaking out on segregation in Chicago’s public schools. This man has talked the talk and walked the walk for over 50 years.

Bernie Sanders also is very vocal about the need for free tuition for college students, of course income and wealth in equality. He speaks about raising the minimum wage and climate change. He wants to get big money out of politics and he want’s to continue the fight for civil right and women’s rights in our country.The list of issues for Bernie goes on and on. Bernie isn’t in the pockets of corporate interests and he will never be. He means what he says, and he says what he means. He is a man of great integrity and will fight for everyone in this country who wants change in a positive way. Not putting up walls or alienating ourselves from the rest of the world. Ending wars, not starting them.

People hear the word Socialism and they don’t really get it. Let me explain it in a way I think Bernie would approve of. Socialism is a lot like marriage. When two people pull together for the betterment of the group, and not the individual, they can accomplish great things. By taking the corporate tax laws that keep the wealthiest wealthy, he will tax them to help pay for the country that allowed them to get rich in the first place. He will pull those resources and put them where they need to be going to, not into the pockets of corrupt politicians or lobbyists. Into the hands of the people who work for this country everyday and don’t ever start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The people who are the working poor and the veterans, teachers, children, homeless, and the elderly.

Even if by some chance Bernie isn’t our next president, the fact that he is raising awareness and changing the political landscape as we know it, will allow for these discussions to continue into the future. Let’s all take a good hard look at where we are now in this country and where we are headed. Who do we need to look to, to help see us through, in our time of transition. The clear choice to me is, the man who has been consistent his entire political life, and not just during a campaign or when the camera are on.

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  1. Boris Iaan Curbelo says:

    I really like this essay, Sen.Sanders seems to be more aligned with the actual needs of the average American worker not the interests of big corporations and greedy DC politicians that ultimately are the ones responsible for the mess we are in right now.

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