Should Sanders Throw in the Towel?

Writer – Kennedy Ryder

The past few months have been debatably one of the more interesting election cycles we have had in decades. On the right, Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee, while Sanders and Clinton are still battling it out to a certain degree. As we grow closer to to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, Clinton creeps up closer to reaching the magic number of 2,383. Including superdelegates, she is sitting at 2,312- which is unimaginably close to the number she needs. Sanders is considerably behind at 1,545. At this point, it is no surprise to most that the gap is this wide, and even with the California primary on June 7th which has 475 delegates at stake, the prospect of Sanders catching up is slim.

Unlike some Republican primaries, democratic primaries are not winner take all. If that was the case, the race would be significantly closer.  Sanders would have to win by huge margins in California to keep Clinton from being awarded the nomination. As of now, Clinton is pulling ahead by an average of eight points. However, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that the polls are wrong, and by some miracle Sanders wins by yuuuuge margins. He would have to win at least 404 of the 475 delegates to keep Clinton from securing the nomination, and even then, she still has a significant lead.

Why the democratic establishment is making it nearly impossible for Sanders to win the nomination is beyond me and most other political analysts- if you don’t count Clinton’s loyalty to the establishment for decades, being embarrassed on a national stage after the Lewinsky scandal, and her gracefully losing to Obama in 2008. Some say a deal was struck in ’08 after Obama won the nomination, and DNC chairs promised Clinton the nomination in 2016, to compensate for her national embarrassment and continued loyalty. But even so, the polls show Sanders beating Donald Trump by wide margins. It is puzzling as to why the DNC would put themselves in such a vulnerable position, especially considering the fact that their candidate is being investigated by the FBI! The Republicans will have an absolute field day with all of the skeletons in her closet, is this not something the committee is concerned about? While yes, Clinton has earned many votes from the people themselves-  Sander’s supporters feel anyone would be ignorant to say that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the rest of the Democratic establishment are giving Sanders a fair shake.

Now that most Bernie supporters can see the writing on the wall, they feel the future of our country seems dismal. A Clinton versus Trump election seems like having to select the lesser of two evils for some. However, to those who are still feeling the Bern, there is still one possible scenario where he may come out on top, a Hail Mary pass, if you will. As most know, Clinton is currently under investigation due to her sketchy use of a private email server. If Clinton is indicted, a few things could happen:

  1. The DNC pressures her to step down and she does, conceding the nomination to Sanders.

The probability of this happening seems relatively large if she is indicted in the first place- so Bernie fans, you can breathe a sigh of relief for now, there still is a chance. If she is indicted, some feel her campaign would be unimaginably tainted. However, it could be argued that Clinton’s campaign is already tainted by a number of incidents that have taken place, and that has not stopped her so far- bringing us to the next scenario.

       2. The DNC pressures her to step down and she doesn’t, giving Republicans all of the ammunition they need to win the general election.

The probability of this happening seems slim, but still probable. If Hillary is indicted it is safe to say Trump will win the general if she does not step down, so for most people who aren’t hard right Republicans, this is a bad thing. But, for those who are hard right Republicans, this is probably the best, juiciest, and most dramatic scenario.

While there are a couple other ways this could play out, those seem to be the most likely if she happens to be indicted. If she is found guilty, it seems obvious that President Obama would pardon her, and she would most likely step down, and depending on what stage of the election- or possibly presidency we are in, who succeeds her will remain a mystery until we get there.

This brings us all back to the original question, “Should Sanders throw in the towel?” For now, no he should not. As long as there is still a chance that he could receive the nomination- no matter how far fetched or how similar it seems to a plot line in “House of Cards”, he should stay in the race. For those who support Clinton, they can only hope things go according to plan- and for those who support Sanders, they can only hope that Clinton’s closet is too full of skeletons to fit another.

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