“Raise Hell and Eat Cornbread” Upchurch The Redneck rocks the house at Jack Rabbits

By: Jay Woodley

20160624_224100The crowd started lining up early Friday night at Jack Rabbits for YouTuber and “Hick-Hop” artist Upchurch the Redneck. Outside the venue for blocks people gathered around tailgating, showing off their trucks,

and partying in line in anticipation of one of the most talented and genuine artists of his genre. Upon entering the venue, the crowd gathered around the stage for the Opening DJ. It was a slow start to the night,

but as time went on the songs were better mixed, and less “just pushed the play button”. Upchurch drew a crowd you don’t see much for an artist not played constantly on local radio. Of the hundreds in

attendance, several spoke out about the drive they made to get there. A Father and son drove all the way from Nashville just to get a glimpse of him. Asides from fans that made pilgrimages, there were several

kids in the audience, including a 9 month old baby.


20160624_200145_Burst01Once the openers were finished, and the crowd was at capacity, the entire room went nuts when Upchurch hit the stage with his trademark energy, fast rhymes, and country twang. Being the showman that he

is, Upchurch spent the duration of his set taking fan phones and rapping into them, trading hats with fans, and even squeezed out a few autographs all the while not missing a beat and hitting every rhyme on

time and with just as much passion and conviction he is known for through his social media videos.  Half way through his set he took a 2 minute break to “finish that jack in the back” and hit the stage with just

as much energy and charisma as when he first went on. After performing about 5 more songs, he took to the front of the building and met with fans for at least an hour.  Something you just don’t see acts do

very much now days.  Upon finishing his meet and greet, Upchurch went backstage and loaded up for the next leg of his tour in Georgia. An amazing night at Jack Rabbits.  A great local club that has some of the

most kick ass musical acts coming in the near future.  Check out their facebook page to get tickets to all of the upcoming music coming to Jacksonville.






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  1. Debi says:

    This is awesome! I like how this Unique Way of doing music has brought out alot more genuine and authentic people…im missing it due to didnt make my vacation this yr…its ok. Im grateful for places like this that allow ppl like him and myself to be who we are as Individuals and not be judged for it!!! “RHEC”

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