Labyrinth Created at FSCJ South Campus For World Peace Day

In honor of International Peace Day, our very own Professor of humanities Holly Masturzo, decided that celebrating such a day was not meant for stuffy classrooms and powerpoints. With the help of her students, Professor Masturzo cleared out one of the rickety old tennis courts in the back of campus and transformed it into an area representative of peace and serenity. Her students covered the old pavement with beautiful chalk drawings; rainbows, peace signs, and words of positivity coated the ground. Not only were her students trying to bring positivity to others, but getting out of the classroom and immersing themselves in it was wildly contagious. Even I began to feel a sense of wellbeing and peace in my soul.

Professor Masturzo herself created the labyrinth, taking the time and care to ensure there was only one path in and one path out. It was beautifully crafted, and only taking about ten minutes to complete the walk through the passage.

I spoke with a few of the students, Ranard Dornes told me “At first, it’s very confusing as you’re not exactly sure where you’re going. Once you get to the end you feel a sense of serenity- and you know to trust the process.” However, Ranard was not the only one that felt it gave you an inner sense of calm. “It’s a wonderful way to see another part of yourself, it allows inner exploration and brings the community together.” According to Carol Rodriguez, another one of Professor Masturzo’s students.

While the beautiful chalk drawings were unfortunately washed away in Tuesday night’s storm, the tranquility was not. Peace flags of various colors hung from the fences surrounding the area, so not all of their hard work was lost. The area is now transformed into a space cloaked with harmony and a sense of stillness- which is sometimes hard to find in the hustle and bustle of our campus.



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