Univision Jacksonville

In November 2015, Univision 18 Jacksonville started with two local shows and advertisements on the Univision’s cable channel. By Summer 2016, Watsnu Media should produce Spanish-language local news for the Hispanic population living in Jacksonville, Florida.

Watsnu Media is an affiliate of Univision Communications Inc. and chose Jacksonville as the first affiliate in the northeast area of Florida. Jacksonville’s metropolitan area has experienced a period of fast and sizeable growth in the Hispanic population recently and the Latin community has not had a local Spanish language TV station.

“Univision Communications Inc. agreed with me that it was to their benefit and the community to have a local affiliate to serve this large developing Hispanic population,” said Chad Dominicis, the president and general manager of Univision 18 Jacksonville and the owner of Watsnu Media. Chad Dominicis was born in Cuba and came to the United States in 1961. He started in Pre-Medical Studies and Psychology, but he left college to work in television and radio. Working part-time as a page at ABC-TV and at local TV and radio stations in Gainesville helped him to become a full-time TV and radio producer.

“I was fortunate to have received such a wide exposure to the field of broadcast communications that helped me to advance quickly in TV and radio,” said the Univision 18 Jacksonville’s president. Later, Chad Dominicis was a consultant and an announcer specializing in the Hispanic market for several radio stations, advertising agencies and music companies. Since the creation of Watsnu Media, Dominicis’ purpose is to acquire the exclusive affiliation for the network.

“In 2015, we were able to launch the Jacksonville station and in a few months we will launch the Univision affiliate for Gainesville, Florida. Also, we hope to start other market affiliates in the coming years,” said the president of Univision 18 Jacksonville. His experience in the media field and his involvement with the Hispanic community makes him the perfect president and general manager of Univision 18 Jacksonville.

Victor Cora, a former United States Navy officer, was assigned to be the Univision 18 Jacksonville vice-president of Business Development and Community Affairs. Since he moved to Jacksonville 32 years ago, he has been involved in the growth and development of the Hispanic community and believes that the Hispanic market is the fastest growing segment of the population in Jacksonville. Victor Cora has been working on the promotion of television for 15 months and spent more than 25 years in community outreach, radio, festival production and business development. Therefore, Univision 18 Jacksonville could be considered as part of the growth and the development of this vibrant community.

“One of the primary impacts of Univision 18 in Jacksonville is to provide to our viewers the tools and needs through information and resources in their native Spanish language,” said Victor Cora. In addition, the purpose of having a more productive community through the advertising platform is to reach and connect with a virtually untapped market that is expanding every year.

As for Todd Roobin, the Film, Television and Digital Media office manager for the City of Jacksonville, Univision Communications Inc. is establishing an affiliate in Jacksonville for various reasons.

“The 2014 Census showed that 120,000 Hispanics live in Jacksonville and it has been increasing by eight percent every year. Also, the Hispanic community actively participates and makes vital contributions to the area’s economy,” said Roobin. Additionally, Univision Spanish-language local news and programming will provide excellent opportunity to advertise for all types of businesses.

Chad Dominicis and Victor Cora believe in the potential for Univision 18 Jacksonville to continue to grow. As a result, the channel will certainly need more team members to fulfil vital roles in the organization.


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